Pastor Bill Slabaugh, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in
Emmett, Idaho has over forty years of pastoral
experience having served both large and small
churches in Idaho, Kansas, and Nevada as Pastor.

Majoring in  Bible Interpretation and Exposition, he has
received Master's Degrees from Central Baptist
Theological Seminary and Dallas Theological
Seminary. While attending Dallas Seminary, Pastor Bill
worked for Insight for Living in international program
production and editing. He also wrote a chapter on
prayer in the Bible study guide,
While he was serving a multi-staff church in North Idaho, Pastor Bill's radio broadcast
Beholding His Glory could be heard weekly on the American Christian Network
and monthly on Moody Northwest. He has taught seminars on
Arrows in the Hand of
a Warrio
r (Christian parenting), How Christ Builds His Church, and Applied
y. With his wife, he has written Bible study workbooks: Be Imitators of God
as Beloved Children
and Discipline Yourself for the Purpose of Godliness.

Expository preaching and teaching with specific application to daily life, the discipling of
spiritual leaders, guiding in spiritual growth, and spiritual formation are his heart-felt

Pastor Bill rejoices to see people come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ and come to
understand how they are specially gifted of God to serve Christ and one another as
Christ is formed in them. His personal devotion is to the Word of God and prayer (Acts
6:4) and He is in labor until Christ is formed in the lives of the believers whom he is
privileged to serve (Gal. 4:19).

Pastor Bill is pleased to serve Grace Baptist Church as pastor.
Grace Baptist Church
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